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Drakensang Online
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Drakensang Online is a browser-based MMORPG game developed by the famous studio Bigpoint. The project was able to push such successful projects as Sky2Fly and Deepolis into the background and successfully carved its niche in the world of browsers.

The graphics in the game are made so superbly that they can satisfy the most demanding taste. The developers managed to keep the autumn notes and the ubiquitous twilight of the territories, which are familiar to many from the single version of Drakensang, which acts as the progenitor of this masterpiece. The softness of the colors and pastel colors bring a mystique that is perfect for adventure. The quality of the game is so high and detailed that you can forget that this is a browser window and not a multi-gigabyte client.

Graphics is the only link between this project and its progenitor. The plot and the game concept were completely changed by the developers. So, the original, which followed the D&D canons in the online version, has undergone changes and appeared as a classic hack`n`slash in an isometric view based on Diablo-online. Moreover, the game has not lost anything from such a replacement, since the genres are completely different. Drakensang Online currently has three character classes, the Dragon Warrior, the Circle Mage and the Pathfinder, each of which is endowed with unique abilities and skills. Moreover, the abilities of the heroes are undergoing constant progress. And over time, they transform from harmless into so dangerous that they are able to demolish everything in their path.

Each gamer who joins the game is met by a guide who accompanies him in a string of training quests. Next, the player goes to the first city called Grimmegstone. In total, the project has six cities - locations, but getting into some of them is possible only if you earn the required level. For starters, there will be enough to do in the first town. A wide variety of quests and no less monsters will not let you get bored.

By defeating the monsters, you will get hold of the money for the first outfit, which requires conscientious care, consisting of a visit to the blacksmith and constant surveillance necessary to avoid damage. In general, you will find a worthy action movie in the fantasy genre, where many other players fight on your side against hordes of Nefertari's followers.

This project has managed to combine such genres as Action and RPG, so if you like to kill dozens of enemies alone, then you should like Drakensang Online.

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