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Dual Universe
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Overview of the game Dual Universe

Dual Universe is an ambitious voxel sandbox project. In this game, gamers can travel through outer space and visit planets without encountering loading screens. There are no instanced zones in the game, and each world will be available for PvP. Instead, the developers took the Unigine 2 engine as the basis of their project.

The game plot is based on the story of the so-called Great Exodus. Mankind had to arrange it after the long-awaited apocalypse happened on Earth. At the same time, in the Dual Universe, the apocalypse took the form of a powerful star with neutron radiation, which destroyed all the planets and even the Sun as it flew through the solar system. As a result, most of humanity was destroyed, and the survivors took their places in the arks and scattered to different galaxy parts. After landing on the planets, the colonists began to improve the nearby territories.

The player will have to start his journey as a colonist of one of these planets, which knows almost nothing. To learn something new, he will need to gain experience and develop his skills and abilities, for which the creators have provided a skill tree. As in most voxel MMORPGs, in Dual Universe, you can change the game world beyond recognition and, in general, do whatever your heart desires - from a hoe and a hut to starships and space stations.

In Dual Universe, you can build large cities, create giant spaceships and engage in resource trading. In principle, you can remove resources from those who cannot protect them. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the project is the possibility of building giant starships that will be controlled by several dozen or even hundreds of players, divided by specialty. For example, such a ship will have technicians, navigators, weapon masters, etc.

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