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Dungeon Striker game overview

Dungeon Striker
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: March 1, 2013
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Eyedentity Games
Free to Play

Dungeon Striker is a new project from Eyedentity Games, which is known for many furious MMORPGs. One of these games is Dragon Nest, which we have already written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Here you will be offered a successful combination of the dynamic pace and style of Dragon Nest with gameplay from Diablo. At its core, the game is a rich concentrate of bloodthirsty cartoon grind.

Project Features

Dungeon Striker has a lot in common with Diablo, which becomes clear from the very beginning of the game. Your character starts in a virtual city where you will have access to the crafting system, arena, auctions and farmland. All fields are divided into acts with additional distribution into parts. At the beginning of the game, you will have to start creating your own room, which other users can visit. For this purpose, they will open a special act. The maximum number of people in a group includes five people without any restrictions on levels and equipment.

A distinctive feature of Dungeon Striker is the absence of the need for repeated trips through the dungeons. At the same time, you can go through the story already completed again with more difficult opponents.

Control system

Dungeon Striker offers a fairly advanced control system. With it, you can communicate your commands to the hero in several ways. In particular, one of the options is the classic way for all MMOs to move with the mouse, which is not very convenient for Action-MMOs. More convenient is the method using the keyboard, which promises to become the most popular in the future. The third option involves the use of a joystick or gamepad.

Skill system

The skill development system makes it possible to borrow skills from other character classes. This applies to both active and passive skills. At the same time, you will not have the traditional lack of skill points, as the developers decided to approach this issue with maximum generosity. Here you can pump to the maximum all the necessary skills from any four selected classes. To date, there are about 20 classes in Dungeon Striker, thanks to which you get huge opportunities for combining different styles with each other. For example, if you wanted to create a tanky wizard or a berserker with a mana shield, then here you will have the opportunity to use all your imagination to the maximum.

crafting system

The crafting system in Dungeon Striker is simple and straightforward. The creators of the game decided not to create a bicycle, but simply went along the beaten path. In the game, you will encounter a system such as Bind on Pickup. It involves binding an item after selecting it. This system encourages players to create sets. Indeed, in Dungeon Striker, set items are very popular. However, despite their usefulness, you will need to get many things for crafting them from killed bosses.

Gear Upgrade System

The gear upgrade mechanism in the game is very similar to Diablo. Here you insert an item into one of the slots, put special dust into the next one, and in the last one you place items that increase the chance of sharpening. The best option is to sharpen up to four things. Further, you can simply lose your equipment. It is very lucky if you come across a thing with holes into which precious gems are inserted. With the help of these stones, you can significantly increase the characteristics of the subject. The chance of improvement in this case directly depends on the quality of the inserted jewelry.

Graphic arts

The picture in Dungeon Striker is quite controversial. It is clear that it looks very old and clearly does not claim to be original. However, all this can be justified by such a pleasant atmosphere of old-school games. This is what the creators of the project decided to adopt. The music here is at a fairly good level, but sometimes it can even be too intrusive.

Development system

To date, the maximum level in the game is 50. In principle, you can upgrade your hero to level 40 quickly and without any problems. However, after the onset of the fourth decade, almost all game quests will be completed, and therefore you will have to pump further through random dungeons called side dungeons. In addition, a lot of experience points can also be obtained in the third act, where you will meet many elite strong monsters.

The main advantage of the development system in Dungeon Striker is considered to be cross-classes. Also, the positive aspects include various random things, the ability to create unique characters and crystal clear dungeons. Of course, anime style can scare away many gamers. Although, there is nothing surprising here, because not all players like tadpoles today.

Game information last update: 21.02.2024

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