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Dusk Rift is a new geo-social game in which participants are given the opportunity to unite into clans of hunters, vampires and werewolves with the conquest of lands in real-life cities of our planet. The role of the players falls to perform the functions of superheroes who have to protect their cities from the invasion of the Shadow. In mobile mode, users can scan the streets and various buildings, such as: bars, shops, coffee houses and competitions in a mini-game in the style of Candy Crash. Experienced gamers will have access to team battles, duels and raids.

But if you don't feel like rushing through the streets, then Dusk War provides an opportunity to take part in the game without looking up from the couch right from the tablet. It is important to remember that the global goal of each group is to capture as many territories in the city as possible, which will subsequently become the dominant force. As for the player himself, he is not tied to his real location, the gameplay makes it possible to fight for any city and it does not matter if it is Tokyo or Moscow. But the main feature of the gameplay is that GPS positioning can give users various benefits, so it's better to play as your hometown.

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