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Dynasty Warriors Online
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Overview of the game Dynasty Warriors Online

Dynasty Warriors Online is the first online project from the famous Dynasty series. The gameplay of this action-oriented strategy MMORPG takes place in ancient China, during what historians call the "Time of the Three Kingdoms". Back then, the Wu, Wei and Sh dynasties fought for power. Well, we are offered to choose one of the parties.

There are no classic classes or professions here, here everyone chooses in which direction he wants to develop his character and what fighting style to master. The project is distinguished by a large selection of various swords, axes, picks, double sickles, fans and other murder weapons. Also, in addition to the main protege, you can have up to eight lieutenants who are able to fight alongside you. Each of them has its own level, abilities, skills and unique weapons. To get a new lieutenant at your disposal, you first need to defeat him, then he will be enrolled in the number of your followers.

Battles in Dynasty Warriors Online take place in several modes and are distinguished by their dynamism: they are killing heroes, warriors, and capturing bases. There are PvP arenas with 8 and 24 players. At the same time, there are constantly clashes of factions in the game, where hundreds of fans of this MMO take part, each with his own army. Sometimes they are stagings of great historical battles, but more often wars of territory.

The game is 80% PvP, the remaining 20% ​​is gear upgrades, recipes and crafting. In general, if you are bored with the banal grind, you want to control not only the hero, but also the army, you should definitely like the game.

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