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Earthrise First Impact
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Game review Earthrise First Impact

If you do not go deep into the differences between the genres of MMO games, then all these projects can be safely divided into three varieties. The first games are completely uninteresting, the second arouse interest only after a long familiarization period, and the third intrigue you right away. Given this classification, the Earthrise project can be attributed to the second type of games that are not immediately catchy. After the first acquaintance with the game, it is unlikely to interest you. Moreover, most modern gamers are so fed up with all kinds of MMO projects that only something really new and original can arouse their interest.

Here, the game begins to be liked only after a few tens of hours, when you can see new colors and completely unexpected possibilities in it. However, this positive period still needs to be lived up to, because for beginners, the Earthrise project seems to be something bleak and not very interesting.

Game features

Even if you do not take into account the rather simple picture for 2011, then the main drawback of the game can be considered an unsuccessful training system, where the player will immediately be asked to understand an incomprehensible hybrid system that includes modes of aggressive and peaceful behavior. To change between modes, the developers have provided the tab key, which allows you to quickly change one option for uncomfortable control to another.

What distinguishes this game from other projects on the MMOTOP.ORG website is that here a beginner is not given a lot of beautiful and bright content at once. You won't see any coolness generator here like in Tortage in Age of Conan and more. Instead, at the beginning of the game, Earthrise will offer its players a lot of gloomy corridors, a whole set of strange missions and the first surprises. However, if you were able to get through the initial stage of the game, then the situation will level out further. You can be sure that it won't get any worse.

The plot of the game

Events in Earthrise unfold in the distant future, when the world is experiencing the consequences of the Third World War. People managed to survive in this war only with the help of the unique Continoma project. At the base called "Continoma" it was decided to save the DNA of all dead people and extinct species of animals. A few centuries later, the scientists who remained after the war were able to restore the project and repopulate our planet with people. However, the surrounding world has already managed to mutate very much, and therefore it has become very dangerous for people. Mankind was able to win back from predatory flowers and various aggressive creatures only one single island called Enterra. It was on this island that the restored pioneers settled. However, as is often the case in such situations, the surviving people quickly began to divide into factions, and after a few years another war broke out on our planet.

Game process

The gameplay becomes interesting and dangerous from the very beginning. Local mutated animals do not die even after a few shots, maps are constantly expanding, and quests are getting more and more difficult. Over time, you begin to understand that the project is a real niche product, and not some WoW clone.

In the game, you will not see any pronounced classes that you have become accustomed to in other games of the genre. During the game, no assistant-tutorial will help you. Therefore, you will have to study the whole game world on your own. In this game, almost nothing is explained to you, so you will need to explore this entire huge sandbox without any restrictions. All this makes the gameplay very interesting and varied.

crafting system

In Earthrise, crafting is no longer just an add-on, but has become a full-fledged component of the game. That is, to create, for example, a high-quality set of armor, you will need not only to get a lot of eyes of local monsters, but also to make a real frame. As a result, armor is real clothing here. Therefore, the entire crafting process, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, looks very interesting and original.

Project Features

There is a PvP mode in this game, but due to the large number of bugs, it is not recommended to play it. Earthrise suffers from all the ills traditional for most new games. First of all, these are numerous errors and crashes to the desktop. At the same time, the game can not be called a one-day project. Also, it is in no way a replacement for the prematurely canceled Tabula Rasa project.


In general, Hearthrise is a rather unusual and interesting project. After the release of a few patches, all bugs and bugs should be gone, and players will be left to explore the brutal and diverse game world. Therefore, to miss the chance to become at the origins of this gaming universe is simply blasphemous. You just need to have a little patience and wait for the final release of the game with a thoughtful and exciting game world.

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