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Earthrise is an open-world sandbox MMORPG developed and published by SilentFuture. The game does not stand out much in terms of graphics and gameplay, but it tries to capture the audience with its capabilities.

After creating his character, the player appears in a post-apocalyptic world corrupted by war. He will have to develop from scratch, using a skill system not related to classes. The developers explain it this way: “You can choose absolutely any skill for pumping from any specialization, the final class is created as you invest skill points. At the same time, each skill has no level limit, which means that it can be pumped endlessly.

In addition to an interesting pumping system, the developers promise: an extensive crafting system with modifications to equipment and weapons, eight different factions, with the ability to remain neutral and not join anyone's war, friendly fire and open PvP on all 250 square kilometers of the game space, multi-level PvE with tons of monsters, quest chains and world bosses, moving around with a network of teleporters, civilian and military vehicles.

In general, the possibilities of the game are impressive and if you do not pay much attention to the graphics, you will get a rather interesting development. It remains only to overcome SteamGreenlight and exit the alpha stage.

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