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Review of the game Echo of Soul

The Korean studio Nvius, hitherto known only for its ties with the development giant NHN Korea, has released a game under the romantic name Echo of Soul. The game is a classic MMORPG with a targeting system, at the heart of which beats the good old Unreal Engine 3

At first glance, the game makes quite a pleasant impression. The graphics meet all current standards and look beautiful and lively for a solid 4+. Still, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that all these more than pleasant graphics is just camouflage that hides the game mechanics as old as the world, which is nothing new. Moreover, the ears of many other Korean game projects stick out from all corners of the game, with which the developers seem to have patched holes in the game code.

How to play it

The gameplay is a standard mish-mash, used more than once in the mechanics of the genre icons. Dungeons for group passage, raids, with up to twenty characters in the squad, and quests, of which there are more than a thousand spirits. The presence of only five positions represents the variety of classes in the game. These are the predictable thief, tank, warrior, archer, and sorceress. Unexpected in this list was only the absence of a healer in the presence of a tank.

Despite this, the authors declared a specific unique system of souls. It is built on the use of clear crystals, which, according to promises, should fall out of ordinary mobs. These crystals, as a consequence, can be converted into charges that temporarily raise one of the attributes of your weapon. There are four attributes in total.

Echo of Soul for intelligent devices

Also, Korean developers have already announced the application release for android devices. And since you don’t even have to talk about a full-fledged game version in this format, it will most likely be just a terminal for communication and trading.

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