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Eclipse of EdenLast Online, Lune of Eden game overview

Eclipse of EdenLast Online, Lune of Eden
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Review of the game Eclipse of Eden

Eclipse of Eden is a fast paced and vibrant client side MMORPG. This game was created by the Japanese company Gamesone Games. However, in this project, the action components significantly prevail over the role-playing component. This combination is complemented by excellent graphics and realistic physical animation. Even despite the huge number of elements of Asian style, the overall impression of the game remains good.

Game Features

Most fans of Eclipse of Eden think that this project is very similar to Devil May Cry, only in online mode. In many respects, these projects are indeed very similar to each other. In particular, the process dynamics and character animation in these games are quite close. All heroes in Eclipse of Eden use the same huge swords in battle, wielding them at the speed of a helicopter propeller. At the same time, these characters jump no worse than Jackie Chan. All this is accompanied by a sea of ​​blood and many mutilated limbs. However, the rest of the game also looks very good. In particular, this applies to the plot, the leveling system and crafting. However, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the main emphasis here is on the combat system.

Character classes

There are currently four classes in Eclipse of Eden - Wizard, Scout, Fighter and Warrior. Each of them has its own set of skills and unique animation. In addition, each of these characters has their own personal monster-slaying style. Moreover, all the characters in this game are perfectly animated. However, this applies not only to battles, but also to all other aspects of the game. For example, you will spend more than one minute watching how the characters cross the river or run through the forests.


It is clear that the path to fame for this project does not look too easy. At first, the game was called Last Online. Subsequently, it was renamed Lune of Eden, and only then received its current name. A huge advantage of the project can be considered a non-target system, as well as exciting battles in the air and on land. By the way, at least two hundred players can take part in them at the same time. In general, Eclipse of Eden differs significantly from many Asian games of the same type. Moreover, this project stands out for the better.

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