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Eclipse War Online
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For all fans of network projects, the expected appearance of the new MMORPG Eclipse War Online is a significant event. Its main feature is that here you can turn into any creature present in the game world. That is, in this game you can even transform into bosses. The interesting thing is that in addition to the appearance, your hero also gets all the basic skills and statistics of the monster. At the same time, all the old skills that you pumped for a certain class also remain. All this together will lead to the emergence of many tactical options for the fights.

Game features

In this project, in order to become a monster, certain conditions must be met. In particular, the monster must be killed so that a special transformation card falls out of it. Only after that you get the opportunity to turn into this creature. The creators of the project plan to add to the game many varieties of monsters that can change their characteristics depending on certain situations. That is, their abilities will change depending on the time of day, the environment and the general condition of the hero.

This system makes the gameplay of the game more interesting and strategic. Each beast has certain strengths and weaknesses that play a role in the fight against the enemy. In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game is quite interesting and extraordinary. True, so far we are talking only about the project, therefore, the main thing is that the implementation should be at the same high level.

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