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Eden EternalFinding Neverland Online, Eternal Atlas game overview

Eden EternalFinding Neverland Online, Eternal Atlas
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Review of the game Eden Eternal

Back in 2011, the Chinese company X-Legend Entertainment launched a very interesting drawn project Eden Eternal, made in the developer's corporate style. If you look at the previous creations of this company, then its craving for creating games in the anime style becomes obvious. However, in addition to this, the creators were able to add many other interesting points to the Eden Eternal game. For example, the project is distinguished by a very detailed gameplay, which has been written about more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game features

The main feature of the game is the class system. At the same time, the class can change in any direction without any problems. There are just some restrictions that do not allow you to switch class during the battle. Moreover, about twenty seconds are allotted for the rollback of the ability. Eden Eternal has two directions for gaining experience - class and main. Class experience is gained by destroying monsters, and the main experience is gained by completing quest tasks.

Currently, there is only one race in the game, which includes 15 professions. All professions are divided into 5 main groups, such as mages, healers, tanks, and ranged and melee fighters. At the same time, each class differs from each other not only in abilities, but also in various general indicators.

Eden Eternal has another interesting feature - some classes become available only after the maximum level of pumping other professions. For example, to gain access to the Warlock class, you must reach level 55. In addition, you need to have the Magician and Shaman classes pumped up to level 55 and up to level 50.

Original innovations

The creators of Eden Eternal decided to add as much content to the game as possible. To do this, they did not limit themselves to multiclassing, which led to the appearance of all kinds of interesting innovations in the game. Close attention was paid to the ability to instantly change classes, which raised the issue of equipment with an edge. Therefore, when changing classes, you will only need to change weapons, since the armor will be put on automatically. In general, in order to have all types of armor at your disposal, you will need to craft. At the same time, crafting skills in Eden Eternal do not swing. You just need to increase the level of the hero to a certain thing. Next, a recipe is purchased from the merchant, the necessary funds are obtained and that's it - you can try your luck.

Guild system

An important role in Eden Eternal is occupied by the guild system. So, to increase the level of guilds, you need to spend a certain amount of money and use all the guild glory. Upon reaching the third level of the guild, the player can build his city. For its development, it will be necessary to build an altar, a mine and a farm here. So you can make your city prosperous.


In general, Eden Eternal offers many interesting innovations, even in addition to those described above. Therefore, this project is very popular among gamers. There are currently three game servers with nine channels on each of them. The only drawback of Eden Eternal is the lack of a PvP mode, which the developers have been planning to implement for a long time.

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