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Edengrad is a sandbox survival MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic style inspired by Mad Max and Fallout. Developed by the Polish studio Huckleberry Games SA, the project proposes to take on the role of the descendants of mankind who survived the Earth's Apocalypse, the main goal of which, of course, will be survival.

According to the plot, the world was significantly polluted after several decades of global war. And only a small part of the homo sapiens society was able to survive the devastation. Then the government thought about creating giant underground shelters to save people and came up with a plan that could cleanse the Earth of pollution using special Hydra nature generator machines. The plan was only partially implemented, but still managed to contribute to the re-development of previously contaminated territories. In the game, we control a character who is the great-grandson of one of the first residents of the shelters.

The first minutes of the game will require the user to have banal survival abilities: collecting resources, building a home, finding food and monitoring basic vital signs. Playing with friends or simply joining a community, in the future, it will be possible to build (or buy !!) large houses or entire villages. A large number of professions and skills are available with development trees, both passive and active. This includes mechanical engineering, carpentry, farming, woodworking, sewing, cooking and the like. However, the user can also engage in trade: exporting or importing goods with other communities/villages.

The project has no limits, allowing you to do whatever you want, whether it be research, city building, complete deforestation, hunting other players and collecting their loot, completing half-generated quests and fighting mutants. At the moment, Edengrad has already passed the green light in the Steam Greenlight and, after a series of alpha tests, will open its doors through the early access program on the Steam platform.

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