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Overview of the game Edge of the World

The developers decided to create a game that very much resembles two parts of the popular game called Fallout. The creators of the game End of the World decided that no one would refuse to explore the beautiful wastelands with their friends, and therefore the game gives everyone this opportunity.

The difference between the game and Fallout

You know, what is the difference between the Edge of the World and Fallout, but that they practically do not differ in anything, except perhaps in the setting. In general, in this game there are no Wastes as such, but the characters receive blows not from themselves, but from terrible nature. All natural phenomena have significantly changed the appearance of the Earth, wiped out beautiful coasts and developed infrastructure. And the action of the game itself takes place on those small areas of not flooded land that are supported by climate stations.


What can distinguish the game Edge of the World, and the fact that it has a fairly large variety of classes. And at the same time, each of them has its own special skills, and each class has the ability to upgrade perks. In addition to the usual classes, like a fighter, hunter, technician, if there are a few more that fuel interest in the game, namely the Atlantean and the shaman. Atlantes are characters whose brains have mutated for some reason and now they have special skills and abilities. But shamans are not easy people with all sorts of incomprehensible things, here they are a new generation of drug addicts. They carry incomprehensible nonsense and at the same time they receive their strength with the help of various chemical means.

The edge of the world is an interesting game

Due to the fact that the game Edge of the World is very similar to Fallout, gamers are interested in it. In this game you can do a lot of interesting things, you also have the opportunity to play with artificial intelligence or with real people. If you are interested in news from the world of online games, then welcome to our website MMOTOP.ORG.

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