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EIN – Epicus Incognitus
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Game Review EIN - Epicus Incognitus

EIN - Epicus Incognitus offers players an interesting combination of magic and steampunk. In this new MMORPG, players will be able to side with one of the opposing factions and take part in spectacular PvP battles.

Project Features

The plot of EIN - Epicus Incognitus is based on the constant war between two factions - Sacdos and Runa. Each faction has several sects in its composition, which in this case play the role of classes. The reasons why these factions fight among themselves are not entirely clear. Although, the process is more important here than anything else. The creators promise very beautiful realistic PvP battles, as well as the cinematic principle of quests and missions.

Graphic arts

Especially in EIN - Epicus Incognitus it is worth noting the picture. Indeed, the graphics in this game look much better than in many Asian MMORPGs. There is no typical set of bright colors and strange special effects. Instead, you will see a minimum of special effects, formal clothing and the use of calm tones. Thus, EIN - Epicus Incognitus may well become popular not only in Asia, but also in Europe and America.

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