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El Somni Quas
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El Somni Quas is a fantasy MMORPG developed with a focus on the hardcore of the past combined with modern graphics. The project will have a free-to-play business model, meaning it will be free.

Among the main features of El Somni Quas, one can note pleasant PvE, consisting of non-linear dungeons, labyrinths with secret levers and traps, a deep crafting system that will allow you to craft absolutely any item in the game, land ownership systems, guild systems; a unique PvP that will enable you to fight on absolutely any territory where there are no guards, as well as ultimately collect loot from defeated players.

Particular attention should also be paid to the unique content system because everything in the game will grow only in quantity and species diversity, not strength. With the release of new additions, players will not have to conquer raids for months and stay up at night waiting for the next batch of loot, everything will be balanced, and equipment will differ only in specific characteristics and appearance.

In general, we hope that enthusiasts from the Czech Republic will be able to create something truly unique, new, and interesting because they seem to have grandiose plans.

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