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Eldarya is a quirky anime style RPG filled with puzzles, story missions, daily quests, intrigue, plots, romance and more. In this amazing world, you can not only fight with various monsters, but also try to live a wonderful, interesting life and even fall in love.

The plot of the game is quite simple: a few centuries earlier, humanity banished fantasy creatures to Eldarya, where they (creatures) were divided into good and evil with the help of a special force barrier. But one day, after an unforeseen catastrophe, the barrier collapsed and then the good beings sent the soldiers of the "Guards" in search of magic stones that could restore the balance between good and evil.

At the beginning, each player needs to join one of the four factions: Light (one of the strongest sides, which the other three obey), Absent (a kind of druid, they are fluent in potions), Shadows (the side of evil creatures who like to hide in the shadows) or Obsidian (wizards and mages who wield various weapons).

In general, Eldarya can be called a very high-quality modification of the "Fight Club", where text-based gameplay was also present. However, here, in addition to the mountains of text, there is also an interesting drawing with animation, which is why the game sometimes resembles a beautiful short story.

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