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Overview of Elderlands

Elderlands is a full-on fantasy MMORPG developed by Asylumsoft primarily for old-school gamers, featuring retro 2D graphics, near-infinite content, and a heavy dose of hardcore.

It is not known whether the game is based on Helmut Pesch's fantasy cycle called "Elderland" (in which, in principle, there is no intelligible plot), but the adventures of the main characters in the form of a bunch of pixels among other such bunches and without a plot are quite addictive, and also cause an unhealthy interest in learning the crafting and leveling system. Fortunately, the gameplay in Elderlands is quite complex.

At the beginning of the game, we choose a class, of which there are three: Priest, Warrior and Mage. But with the creation of a unique character, even with only three classes and no customization, there are no problems. After all, there are a huge number of development branches, and the amount of equipment that can be obtained in the game can hardly be counted.

But it is worth remembering that upon reaching level 25, the PvP mode is activated, and from this period of time, any player who killed you will be able to get all your goodness as loot, acquired not in one day. This feature of the project continues to scare off newcomers and even hardcore gamers, so the only two game servers are unlikely to suffer from overpopulation.

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