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Elemental Heroes
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Overview of the game Heroes of the Elements

Heroes of the Elements is a turn-based RPG with the ability to attack other players anywhere and anytime. The game took a bit of everything from Heroes of Might & Magic and Disciples.

The world is divided into three parts and connected by portals, and each part has its own rules, treasures and population. You have to travel through portals and fight with NPC armies, while knocking out cards from them, which will turn into combat units during the battle. Note that the game has a large number of artifacts in which you can dress the main character, as well as a lot of units.

The Hero of the Elements is based on four basic elements: Fire, Ice, Nature and Shadow. By combining these elements, you create a hero with a unique fighting style. As for the strategy map, it looks and plays similar to the HoMM 3 map. The only difference will be the ability to cross paths and arrange a fight at any point with another player. The outcome of the battle will depend on many factors: spells in the spell book, straight arms, character equipment, army balance, and so on.

In general, this project can be recommended to supporters of the step-by-step old school from 3DO and John Van Kanegem personally.

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