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Elements: Epic Heroes
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Elements: Epic Heroes is a fairly simple Action MMO, made in the style of "cartoon minimalism" with a focus on mobile platforms. The lord of darkness firmly settled in the game with his mighty army and began to develop insidious plans, but the brave heroes represented by the players had already sharpened square swords, found fellow travelers and studied ways to upgrade equipment.

You will be given the opportunity to hit the Sovereign on your own or four of us, as well as travel around the Tower of Infinity, in the chambers of which you can fight bosses and no less powerful minions. It is important to remember that success or failure is reflected in the global ranking, as well as the quality of weapons and armor.

As for the visuals, the game looks rather cheap, there is no open world, and between levels there is a greed shop where you will be offered to dress up for $4.99. But do not rush to part with the money, there is not much point in this, since the levels are quite simple and you can go through them in equipment pumped for the extracted gems.

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