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ElevenEleven Giants Game
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Overview of the game Eleven

Eleven is a cooperative MMORPG with peaceful content. In the game you will be engaged in breeding trees, milking butterflies, building houses and cultivating flowers in the minds of eleven giants. Don't worry, you read it right, Eleven's plot is developed in the imagination of giant creatures, so the project can safely be called a single dream of fictional creatures.

But, everyone knows that everything is new, this is a well-forgotten old, therefore Eleven is the reincarnation of the old Glitch, an MMORPG created by two friends and left the gaming space in 2012, due to excessive and incorrigible dampness. But Glitch resonated in the hearts of the latest romantics, which was the beginning of the development of Eleven. The creators really hope that this time they will release to the judgment of the cruel world a product already prepared for criticism and twists of fate, in which, if they have to modify something, it will be insignificant. Let's hope that at least a little of the former charm that glorified the first project will pass from Glitch to Eleven.

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