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Elsword Online
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Overview of the game Elsword Online

When trying to remember popular side-scrollers, only Mapple Story appears. Also, one of its competitors was the Grand Chase, released a few years ago. She could not present anything intelligible and revolutionary, so she quickly "blew away" under the onslaught of Mapple Story.

But the developers of Grand Chase have done some work on the bugs and released their new project, which has noticeably gained a healthy weight. Elsword Online, this time will not let itself be offended and is able not only to defend itself from the attacks of critics but also to go on the offensive.


Undoubtedly, the games are like two peas in a pod at first glance. The main character Elsword is an exact copy of the hero from Grand Chase. His companions, Aisha and Rena, are also not far from their ancestors. As in the previous game, access to quests is limited by the character's current level. There are no problems with the number of searches; the rewards should also be enough for the everyday outfit.


Management in the game is nowhere simpler: with the help of arrows, we move, and we use abilities on WASD. This introductory knowledge is enough to start destroying crowds of wandering mobs. The descendant of Grand Chase left the map in the game. To pass the next test, we still need to raise the level of our character, not only the main one but also his companions. The game zones have grown in size, and now we have a mixture of Mapple Story and Draconica familiar to MMOTOP.ORG gamers, which means that everything that happens does not fit on one game screen.

The graphics in the game practically do not differ from Grand Chase, but the emphasis here is not on it. Everything is done in the Manga style, which will quickly find its admirers. Of the minuses of the toy, one can single out constantly repetitive tasks, which after several hours of continuous gameplay, can unbalance. But for those who are pretty fed up with endless farming, PvP arenas are provided, where each.

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