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Ember Sword
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Ember Sword is an isometric MMORPG with sandbox elements based on blockchain technology, where, in addition to classic elements, players are offered a simple storyline and a hack'n'slash combat system in a cartoon wrapper.

The main currency in the game is the so-called PIXEL tokens, which are intermediaries between the Ethereum cryptocurrency and in-game money. Thanks to this, users can earn real money in the game by selling crafted unique items for tokens, creating item auctions and other services in order to then extract Ethereum, and information about any item owner will forever be encoded in the blockchain. This project is not the first to use blockchain technology, but it is certainly one of the first on an MMORPG scale.

As for the rest of the features, there is construction, a simple non-target combat system, advanced crafting with more than 50 million unique items, the ability to buy any piece of land, create NPCs, quests, place auctions and other services.

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