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Emil Chronicle Online
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Anime! Anime! Grab it! Between violent and bloody games, there must be a ray of light, for example, in the form of Emil Chronicle Online.

The producers of this game, oddly enough, are Japanese, who are fans of Ragnarok Online. However, this game is not a dumb copy, but keeps its audience in its cartoonish hands for exactly ten years. For ten years, this game has not lost its popularity and relevance. At the same time, such a light and colorful Emil Chronicle Online left very serious and heavy projects far behind in the ranking of the best.

The story line is

So, you and I came up with and organized in the best graphics a magical planet, whose name is Akronia. In total, at the beginning of the game, the hero is asked to choose one of the factions on whose side he will fight. In fact, the whole game unfolds against the background of the battles and trials of these factions.

At the same time, we note very fresh and unusual ideas that could be born, perhaps, only in the head of a Japanese. For example, you can build your clone in no time, and he will fight in battle without disturbing your sleep. Also invented a completely innovative thing! At your request, the player can become a weapon that will help his comrades in battle. Well, of course, everyone is invited to have their own pet. And all this and more on MMOTOP.ORG.

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