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Empire And State
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Overview of the game Empire And State

For a long time we have not seen such an interesting and deep game, we are talking about MMORTS Empire and State. What game is this game similar to? None! The game is unique, not repeatable, destroying all stereotypes. In essence, this game is the quintessence of economics and politics. However, interestingly, all the action takes place in a somewhat magical world. The game begins with the fact that you are given a character who is at the bottom rung of the social ladder, but he has to rise if his real hero wants it and will invest. Thus, one can reach the ruler of an entire city with an army of subordinates and great power.

Also in the game, you can walk around various shops and sell unnecessary things, while acquiring the necessary ones. Thus, the economy and financial structure are supported in the city. And in order not to mess around, the authors of the game offer to do crafts or create weapons. By the way, we cannot fail to note that even a robot can be created, but only a select few succeed. There is bread, but where is the spectacle? And the spectacle lies in the massacres and battles of drones - warriors. If you want to participate in them, go to MMOTOP.ORG.

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