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Empire of Sports
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Overview of Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports is one of the few sports games in the MMOG genre. Here you have to play as a professional athlete who can take part in various competitions. It could be football, basketball or even tennis. At the same time, you will have real players as opponents, which fully corresponds to the classics of MMO games. You can learn more about this interesting project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game world

Of course, there is no special plot in Empire of Sports. But there is a fairly well-designed game world in which the main location is a very large city, outwardly something similar to Paris. It includes six arenas for sports, as well as many gyms and other interesting places. There are also regular quests in this game, which can be given by both a trainer and ordinary residents.

That is, in fact, Empire of Sports is very close to the classic MMORPG. At the beginning of the game, you must create your character, edit his appearance and go ahead for sports awards. Interestingly, you absolutely do not need to become a subspecialty athlete. For example, you can be a great soccer player and still perform well in the giant slalom. As you participate in sports, your hero will gain experience, which can then be used to upgrade him.


It is clear that the simulation system in Empire of Sports is significantly inferior to many offline sports games. In addition, the creators decided to make the controls easier, as well as change some of the rules of the game. For example, in football, when you receive a red card, you stay on the field, but you will just move more slowly. This is not the only simplification of innovation, as Empire of Sports generally tries to be as friendly to the players as possible. Even if you did not manage to recruit a full-fledged team, then you can play football at least three by three. You can make it even easier - instead of missing users, set up computer mobs.

Playing against live players

The key point of the game Empire of Sports is the ability to compete with live players. It is clear that the game of tennis will be much more interesting if a person from another country plays against you than some kind of computer mob. In general, playing football is much more interesting than offline. Here you can try new tactical schemes and multi-way combinations. For better interaction, it is better to join clubs than to play in random teams.

Technical points

The game is downloaded absolutely free through the client. Then you just need to register and start playing. This game is most popular in France, so you will need to learn a little French. Although, there are many English-speaking players here. And if you try, you can generally find gamers who speak russian (the terrorist state).

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