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Endless Fury
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Endless Fury is a cartoon style platformer/fighting game that can remind players of the dashing 90s. The project was developed by the NGames Interactive studio and is focused mainly on PvE, while the PvP component is present here for show.

The core of the project is beating various NPCs to eventually get close to huge bosses, as well as collecting equipment and character development. The characters in Endless Fury are far from ordinary, as it might seem at first glance, and among them you can find really extraordinary personalities, such as, for example, a gorilla teenager or a three-headed wooden robot. The leveling of "characters" is also diverse, because each of them has about fifteen stats and four types of skills. All skills are used in combos and are ineffective one by one, so players can try more than five hundred different combinations.

In general, Endless Fury is rather ambiguous and attracts precisely with its unusualness, as well as many modes for hardcore players, cartoonish graphics and rich content.

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