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Ensemble Online
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Overview of Ensemble Online

Ensemble Online is an online browser game, positioned by the developers as the "second Ultima" and aimed at old-school players. The final version is slightly different from SemiFormal's idea, as it turned out to be a rather modest Minecraft with the function of joint city building and rampant PvP in terms of capabilities.

Users start the game from the desert, in which there is nothing but cacti and wild animals, while the characters are clearly not dressed for the weather: in jackets, trousers, vests and ties. After the start, we are immediately forced to engage in construction and crafting, therefore, the desert area is changing before our eyes: there is a windmill, and a small garden, and a beautiful house surrounded by towers. The latter are necessary to defend their possessions from hostile players, since PvP is free in the game, which means that you can lose your property at any time.

By the way, these were all the advantages of the game, but the disadvantages include complex, non-intuitive controls, a terrible interface with a lot of obscure buttons that no one talks about due to the lack of training in Ensemble, bad sound and graphics.

In general, the project may really appeal to old-school players because of its interesting concept, but without proper implementation, it is unlikely that it will be possible to keep the base of regular fans.

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