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Entropy is an extraordinary MMORPG made in a fantastic style. The game features an open world, the main features of which are large-scale battles in open space and maximum free gameplay.

Game world

The game world includes many hundreds of solar systems, each of which offers its own opportunities in terms of mining, trading and hunting. The world map in Entropy is divided into three large levels. At the level of the Galaxy, users have the opportunity to plot routes and determine the zone with the maximum level of danger. At the system level, you can freely move around the sectors and hunt other players and NPCs. The third level is the main one, where the extraction of resources and the study of the remains of ancient civilizations take place. In the game, each zone can simultaneously include more than one hundred users.

Game Features

The creators of the project offer large-scale PvP battles, the purpose of which is to gain control over all systems and trade routes. All this is very similar to such a popular game as EVE Online. We have repeatedly written about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website. In addition, the developers at Entropy promise to implement an advanced economic system, where players can choose several options for earning. For example, here you can trade between stations, transport goods between galactic systems. You are also invited to search for ancient artifacts and develop other planets.

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