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Review of the game Epic Duel

Epic Duel is a PvP-focused, sci-fi themed browser-based MMO that offers players turn-based battles against each other in 1v1 and 2v2 modes. According to the plot, two warring factions, the Resistance and the Legion, have chosen the planet Delta V, lost in space, for a brawl, where they fight for power.

At the beginning of the game, we are asked to choose one of three classes: a warrior, a techno-mage and a robber, each of which has both positive and negative qualities. Battles in Epic Duel take place in the turn-based fighting game genre, where the heroes, using the most modern weapons in the form of lightsabers, giant spoons, axes stuffed with electronics (well, why?) and others, alternately attack each other until the victory of one of the parties.

Usually the winner is the one whose equipment and leveling are on top, but sometimes you still have to take into account the actions of the enemy and the capabilities of each game class. For example, when a techno-mage casts an energy shield on himself, the enemy will have a hard time if he continues to attack with energy rather than physical damage. Of the PvE content in the game, only the arrangement of your own home is available, which performs an exclusively decorative function, without affecting the main indicators of the heroes.

Summing up, we can say that Epic Duel is one of the best browser games in its genre. By the way, the project has been steadily occupying a niche since 2009 and does not plan to give up, constantly replenishing its arsenal of content, improving graphics and creating a friendly atmosphere among the players.

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