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Epic: Elemental Warrior
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Game review Epos: Elemental Warrior

Epic: Elemental Warrior is a fantasy, isometric and at the same time turn-based browser-based MMORPG, where players have to become representatives of the Gods and go to destroy monster armies. Of course, the idea of ​​the project is not new, but the implementation will be more interesting.

The basis of the gameplay here is the so-called elements, which the player must learn everything as he progresses through the game, and then learn how to combine them right during the battle. The system of prompts and training will help him in this, so this aspect is clearly not difficult. There are also a lot of other gameplay elements, here you can play various mini-games, develop your estate, try to open all the Gods that help a lot in battles and have unique skills, and even become the mayor of an entire city. And when this gets boring (which is rather doubtful), you can always go to test your strength in the PvP arena.

In general, there is always something to do in Epos: Warrior of the Elements, and the drawing does not tire the eyes, because it is done in a soft, pleasant style, so that the game can be enjoyed for quite a long time.

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