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Equilibrium is a rather ambitious MMORPG project that has been worked on by many famous people from major studios such as EA, BioWare, LucasArts and Trion Worlds. In addition, the ChaosNgn team included scientists who knew a lot about history and archeology. As a result, such an unusual combination of authors has led to the fact that in the plot of Equilibrium there are a lot of different moments that have little to do with each other.


The events of the project unfold somewhere in the 53rd century, that is, in the distant future. By that time, humanity had reached such a level of development that it was able to follow several paths. Due to the vigorous activity of people, these alternative realities began to disintegrate into separate fragments and intersect with each other. The result of this was real chaos and total madness. As a result, humanity needed mercenaries who could close such cracks in time. By doing this, they could somehow prevent the complete destruction of the universe. In fact, your character will be able to become exactly this mercenary.

Gaming features

Perhaps the most interesting way Equilibrium can attract potential fans is the ability to change history. In particular, here you can destroy Hitler or take up the revival of the Roman Empire with modern technology. Thanks to such temporary travel, the developers were able to create quite interesting and non-standard storylines.


At the same time, the gameplay of the game does not contain anything new. Although, it also has certain features. Of the standard things, there is a massive grind, a quest system and the traditional long-term pumping of heroes. Of interest is the number of classes, of which there are as many as 27. It is clear that we are unlikely to be able to please at least some modern MMORPG project with such a variety.

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