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Era 13 is a free-to-play MMORPG in the browser, with turn-based team battles as its main features, as well as an interesting style and storyline. The project was launched exactly on December 21, 2012, when astrologers predicted the end of the world, and the developers made such a decision due to the fact that the plot of the project is about this: “The Apocalypse came along with the coming of the shadow, when the world plunged into darkness...” .

It is worth paying tribute to the Oversun Media studio, because the atmosphere of shifting the usual foundations of the world came out with a bang. Former, shining metropolises have turned into dark and dangerous places, there are almost no people left, and instead of them terrible monsters, materialized shadows and zombies roam everywhere. The survivors were able to cross modern technologies with magic and invented a unique weapon that can now be used to cleanse cities from evil spirits.

An interesting setting is not the only thing that the thirteenth era can boast of, there is also interesting gameplay here, which, although it does not differ from similar games, is also done soundly. The fights here are beautifully animated and done in a turn-based HMM style. Battles take place exclusively between two squads, and there are five heroes to choose from. Each of them has unique abilities, a role, wears individual armor and weapons, which is why team play is very important.

In addition to joining groups to destroy monsters and clear dungeons, Era 13 has: PvP, various religious wars, the ability to become a detective mercenary to investigate the "sinful" deeds of other players and commit your own, as well as a clan system that allows you to jointly attack and defend on various territories.

In general, although Era 13 does not have anything new in terms of gameplay, it is worth playing at least because of the unique setting and interesting plot that will not leave science fiction fans indifferent.

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