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Diablo fans can also pay attention to its Korean clone Erebus 2. The game has four classes, various weapons and a couple of types of PvP modes. Just like in Diablo, so in Erebus 2, the player will need to have a good mouse, because the more you click, the more you will kill opponents. This principle may seem boring to many players, but Diablo veterans appreciate such games not only for incredible battles with mobs, but also for an interesting story.

Good choice for Diablo lovers

The system of tasks and quests in Erebus 2 is not as abstruse as in other RPG strategies. Basically, the tasks are so simple that you need to kill a certain mob within the allotted time for this. The graphics in the game have not gone far, which is not very important for players who value not beauty in the game, but the plot and dynamics of action. On MMOTOP.ORG you can choose the second or the first part of this game. The difference between them is not so significant, since the tasks are simple, and the graphics are almost the same. It is possible to fight in the arena not only with monsters, but also with live players, which adds interest and dynamics to the game.

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