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Eternal Online
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Overview of the game Eternal Online

Eternal Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat like Patch of Exile and Diablo. Playing is a great example of how 2D games are slowly becoming a thing of the past, giving way to modern 3D graphics with non-flat arenas, open worlds and beautiful character animations.

The universe of Eternal Online, like any similar MMORPG, has only two opposing sides. Here they are represented by the Cetra Empire and the Nax Republic. Adepts of the Empire like to use good old magic, while the Republic uses advanced steam technology. Therefore, if you wanted to find out who will win in the confrontation - a mage or a machine gunner, and also what is stronger - a fireball or a grenade, the game will give you a similar chance to find out. As for the classes, at the moment there are two of them: a warrior and an assassin, in the future, more are planned. Well, in order for users not to be engaged in pumping again after adding fresh heroes, the developers plan to add the ability to replace the initial class with any other.

It is worth talking about the gameplay here separately, since it differs significantly from the classic browsers. All battles take place in real time without any step-by-step and automatism, and up to ten users can fight on the same territory both against mobs and in PvP. And if everything is clear with arenas and PvP (there are no nuances here), then PvE promises a lot of interesting things for lovers of peaceful life. First of all, this is a large number of professions, including fishing, wood mining, hunting, mining, and so on. All specializations bring in a good income, especially if you leave the character for the night on AFK loot. Also in the game there are many dungeons and various bosses.

All in all, Eternal Online is a fairly enjoyable game, with interesting gameplay, an average storyline, and decent graphics. And given the exclusive attention of the moderators and admins of the project, a friendly atmosphere is added to all this due to the absence of ill-wishers, goldsellers and bots.

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