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Review of the game Ether Saga Online

Ether Saga Online is a classic Chinese fantasy MMORPG. It was developed by the well-known Chinese company Perfect World. Thanks to the use of anime style, the project has become very popular in Asia. As for Europe, here it has not yet received wide distribution. However, the game is free, and therefore it is still played slowly. This is evidenced by the presence of several European Ether Saga Online servers. There is information about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Distinctive features

One of the distinguishing features of the game is an interesting and varied character customization. In addition, thanks to the unique pet system, you can now crossbreed several pets with each other. By the way, in Ether Saga Online there are several hundred unique pets, which, however, are very similar to Pokemon. There are three races in the game - the divine creatures of Shenzu, the people of Renzu and the half-beasts of Yaohi. There are only four classes in Ether Saga Online. All of them are quite typical for a fantasy world: a tank, a mage, a robber and a healer.

Game process

In the gameplay of Ether Saga Online, the main goal is to complete various tasks. Therefore, here you will not meet a total grind when you have to aimlessly destroy thousands of monsters. All of them are needed here only as material for completing the task. Of course, no one will forbid destroying them just for the sake of pleasure. In general, the quest system is quite simple and understandable. Here you will never lose an important NPC, as the game has a function of automatic teleportation to the right place.

Pet System

An important element of the game Ether Saga Online is an advanced pet system. You get the base pet immediately after creating your hero. Further, it will develop and improve along with your character. After you reach level 20, the pet can be changed to a stronger and more capable one. Such a creature will not only help in battles, but also heal your hero in case of serious damage. Interestingly, during the battle, you can call one pet for support, and become one with the second thanks to the Fuse skill. As a result, you will significantly increase your characteristics and get new abilities.


In general, the Ether Saga Online project is quite interesting and exciting entertainment. Its only downside is the rustic graphics. However, if you don’t really find fault with the picture, but focus mainly on the gameplay, then Ether Saga Online will be good entertainment for you.

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