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EVE Online game overview

EVE Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: November 6, 2003
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Python
CCP Games
Subscription / Pay to Play

The abundance of fantasy MMORPGs even today does not cover all the demand in the gaming market is eloquently evidenced by the fact that the sci-fi online game of 2003 is still on the wave of success.

Massively multiplayer role-playing game "EVE Online" has gone through about twenty official additions, spin off the successful online shooter on the PlayStation 3 "DUST 514" and is preparing to launch two more spin-off projects for PC.

What's more, the game offers a two-week free subscription for newcomers, is updated for free almost every couple of months, and has received several awards in the "Best ..." nominations along the way. It is also worth noting that purchasing a PLEX item by the player for the game currency ISK may allow you to pay for the game subscription.

Indeed, in the vastness occupied by fantasy worlds, the space sci-fi MMORPG came in very handy. After all, whatever you say, computer games from the very beginning have always been based on solid science fiction.

Universe of "New Eden"

Hypergates between thousands of solar systems allow an almost immortal starship pilot to indefinitely surf the vastness of a single game server. The marketplace of this universe, where up to 5000 transactions per minute are made, is under the complete control of the players and, as MMOTOP.ORG has no doubt, allows players to make good money on other people's wars.

EVE boasts an open world where you can get killed even in the beginner sectors unless you have time to hide behind the protection of the Concord galactic police. And death in EVE is painful, as it is implemented according to the hardcore principle of "full loot" - your character will survive, but you will lose the ship and goods.

A game should be fun to play first and foremost, and EVE Online doesn't give a damn about it, although it differs from most MMORPGs in its relative difficulty for recruits. There is no classic level system based on killing monsters, but there are hundreds of skills and a complex system for their development.

Skills are upgraded in real-time, even when you are offline. Such a system allows you to quickly gain skills related to managing starships (of which there are hundreds) and countless options for their equipment.

Space for everyone

To conquer the unified world of "New Eden", where a lot can depend on the actions of a single person, we are given both alone, for example, as a businessman or bounty hunter, and as a member of some group: treasure hunters, pirates, mercenaries or even an entire galactic corporation.

There are constant wars for resource-rich regions of the universe ("nulls" - areas with a shallow level of security but impressive deposits of resources), the number of which increases as updates are released. Some battles have already entered the history of the gaming industry with their epic and scope.

Speaking of updates, it is worth noting the constant increase in the amount of content and improvement in the quality of the game as a whole. New types of ships, new activities for players, improved graphics and interface - the developers at CCP are challenging at work on EVE. This result is a stable (and even growing) subscriber base and an excellent project appearance, which only gets better from year to year, despite its advanced age.

If you are a hardened space wolf and your hands begin to tremble at the sight of spaceships, then New Eden is created just for you.

Game information last update: 06.03.2024

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