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EverEmber Online is a fantasy MMORPG from Kajamaz, made in a pixel style in the image and likeness of the "ancient" Runescape and Ultima. It is for this reason that the project is recommended exclusively to oldfags, or fans of retro games.

There is no plot and the usual mechanics of classes with quests. Of course, there are archetypes in EverEmber (archer, warrior and mage), but their skills are not tied to certain characters, so it is easy for users to create various hybrids. The main occupation in the game is to earn gold coins by destroying hordes of monsters or mastering one of the various professions. There are also dungeons, bosses, taming creatures and even running your own household, but for PVP lovers, alliances and massive battles are provided.

It is worth noting that the game is quite hardcore in terms of death, since after resurrection, all accumulated loot is lost, and killing users is possible in any place. At the same time, karma is charged to the killers and the status of criminals is issued. In general, if not for the graphics, then perhaps the Dark Souls series would have a worthy competitor.

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