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The original EverQuest is deservedly considered the founder of modern "theme park" MMORPGs. The third part of the fans (and the MMO community as a whole) are waiting for something unique. And Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Game Company) is preparing something awe-inspiring, capable of turning the notion of the genre.

The game takes place in a parallel world called Norrath. This time the concept is based on "sandbox" ("sandbox"). The game is based on two technologies, one of which is the Forgelight Engine (Planetside 2), and the second is Voxel Farm voxel technology. Thanks to voxels in EverQuest Next, destructibility awaits us and a dynamically changing world that ordinary players can influence: shift the landscape, build houses and cities, build city walls, destroy objects, etc. However, to introduce some global innovations into the game on an ongoing basis, you will have to get the developers' approval and work hard in EverQuest Landmark - a kind of "constructor" for EverQuest Next.

EverQuest Next boasts advanced monsters and NPC AI. Monsters here are not tied to certain spots and can migrate worldwide. Moreover, they will be able to organize and make deliberate raids and even react to the players' actions; for example, if you often attack their spot, they can move to another place.

The choice of players will be offered a large selection of races. Currans, dwarves, humans, elves, dark elves, and ogres have already been announced. We are promised about 40 different classes and many abilities. The game uses a multi-class system. Players can learn the skills of various courses and create unique characters. There is no standard leveling system in EQN. Instead, development is done through world exploration and class development. Remember, your actions will imprint on the game universe: EQN will remember your actions, and in the future, you may face the consequences of your actions.

So far, EverQuest Next looks promising and could very well be the best sandbox game of all time. But will the developers at Daybreak Game Company be able to keep their promises, especially given the problematic situation that has developed since the company left under the wing of Sony? The editors of MMOTOP.ORG hope so! A release date for the game has yet to be announced, but a release before the end of 2016 is unlikely.

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