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Review of the game EvilBane: Rise of Ravens

Raven is another MMO created by Koreans. It was developed by CJ E&M. This studio had already managed to earn not the best reputation for itself when it failed to implement the Korean localization of the RIFT project, which was eventually closed. Today, this company is actively involved in the localization of the pirate MOBA Pirates: Treasure Hunters, the author of which is the Spanish company Virtual Toys.

Game Announcement

For the first time, information about the game Raven was presented in the summer of 2014, when the creators decided to show a short teaser video lasting only 29 seconds. The only thing that could be understood from this video was that there would be giant swords the size of a person. At the same time, the Koreans have already announced that they are preparing a full-fledged hack`n`slash for us. But, of course, one cannot do without giant swords in this genre, so the above video did not show anything unusual.

Game Features

Like most Action MMO games, Raven is designed to destroy the local settlers in various ways. The game has a lot of special effects and is essentially a kind of online slasher. Moreover, the gameplay here is much more important than the goal itself. Therefore, if you want to destroy everyone and everything, then the site MMOTOP.ORG can recommend the game Raven.

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