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The new Sci-Fi MMORPG Evofuture from the Chinese company MIQI was presented to the public in 2015, nine years after the start of development! The figure is both impressive and frightening, because for 9 years it was possible to work hard and wait for funding, keeping the project frozen for years.

The developers have tried to create physics and visualization based on their own 3D engine, which should please (but not the fact that it will please) players with climate and daily cycle simulation. Each region in the game is designed in the style of sci-fi literature, with corresponding flora, fauna and architecture suitable for the context of the future.

The plot of the game is a sci-fi story with surreal scenes, and each dungeon here has its own scenario with unexpected twists. All this, as conceived by the developers, should provide an exciting gameplay.

The game uses the RvR system. Each of the factions has four unique classes with a specific set of weapons and skills (of course, swords, knives and whips will be in fashion in the future). The combat system in Evofuture is a popular non-target.

If we ignore the Chinese PR, then we have another dark horse with a completely uncertain prospect. In recent years, the Chinese have surprised us more than once, but they know how to disappoint even better. Therefore, we suggest waiting for the CBT and looking at the first entries, after which we can already draw conclusions.

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