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Fabula online is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG with a touch of turn-based strategy that can interest fans of the classic versions of Heroes of Might and Magic, but not the modern inhabitants of the gaming world. The project was developed by the High Tower Entertainment studio, familiar to users from DarkSwords and StarEx.

We start as usual with the creation of a hero, where we choose between an orc warrior, an elf archer, a human mage, and so on. It is also allowed to determine the gender of the character, which does not affect anything. After that, we are immediately offered to build up an army and go on a journey around the world, divided into many cell locations, where a tactical mode opens when faced with an enemy. True, there can be no question of any tactics, since all battles are automated, and users can only evaluate damage indicators and occasionally shoot spells.

In general, if it were not for a large number of skills, an original reward system, an abundance of equipment and a large map, there would be nothing to do in the game, because everything is painfully similar to HMM. Therefore, if you are a fan of the classics, and especially the classic series of the latter, then you should like Fabula online, albeit not for long.

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