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Review of the game Face of Mankind

There are not so many mmorpg in the World where there is no pumping, NPCs and monsters. One such game is Face of Mankind. There are no quests, abandoned dungeons, levels, skills and much more. The game has only the main character and a huge world, which is owned by several factions, constantly fighting among themselves.

The plot of the game

The plot of Face of Mankind takes place in the twenty-fifth century. Too many people live on Earth, the planet is overloaded with industry and exhausted by constant military conflicts. That is why many inhabitants of the Earth seek to find refuge on other planets. However, worlds rich in various useful resources immediately become the prey of criminal factions and industrial kings. All this leads to the fact that the battles on Earth are transferred to all the planets of the galaxy.

Game features

The main world of Face of Mankind is a star map that includes thirteen colonial planets. They were named after the leading cities of the planet Earth. For example, there are colonies such as Tokyo, New York, Paris and more. Of course, in the game they are not centers of world tourism and culture. There are absolutely no attractions here. Instead, the game has many stairs, corridors and terminals.

At its core, Face of Mankind is a game made in a rather unusual player-driven mmorpg genre. Here, almost all events largely depend only on the players. Therefore, in this project you will not see traditional events and quests. All these things will need to be done on your own. In this regard, it can be difficult for beginners to adapt to this game, where there are no hints, and instead of an understandable world, they encounter many terminals and bare walls. Trying to figure out the game with the help of players running past is fraught with the fact that you can get a couple of bullets and die.

It is better not to do this, because in Face of Mankind game death is a rather unpleasant event. In this situation, you not only lose all the things of your character, but also risk losing the main character. In order to prevent such a development of events, you have to acquire new clones in a timely manner, which, of course, costs some money. It is even better to use the collected money to buy high-quality armor, as well as hire bodyguards and purchase secure housing. Here, by the way, you can have a good rest.


Face of Mankind includes 8 factions that oppose each other. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to clearly follow all the requirements that the chosen faction makes of you. In the game, you can break any law and freely ignore the rules. In general, the world of Face of Mankind is full of betrayal and corruption, which is found on each of the 13 colonies. There is even the planet Pegasi, which was captured by the russian (the terrorist state)s. Moreover, they did it with the help of two detachments of fighters. This significantly added credibility to the players from our country.

Each organization in Face of Mankind has a certain number of departments. For example, LED includes police academy, prison, SWAT units, and so on. As for the prison, here it plays a significant role. For example, if your hero is involved in smuggling or indiscriminate shooting, then he can easily end up behind bars or in DeMorgans Castle. Here he will perform community service. Although, you can try and escape if you manage to cope with the guards. However, despite such harsh laws, the game world of Face of Mankind is by no means safe. Here, anywhere in your hero can shoot and kill him. In this case, you do not even know the name of the shooter. In general, the name appears only when you get as close to the character as possible. However, as you play, you will figure out how to distinguish strangers from your own.

Character Development

An interesting feature of development in FoM is the complete absence of traditional leveling. Levels here are replaced with titles that can be earned by participating in the affairs of your organization. It is clear that a higher rank provides the player with more opportunities. At the first stages of the game, you will only be able to access the usual simple tasks. As you advance in rank, you will have the opportunity to give tasks to newcomers to the game, as well as help increase or decrease their rank.

Weapons and equipment

Weapons and equipment in the game should be obtained using special terminals. If you have a lot of funds, you can purchase a finished item using an auction. In the event that there is no such thing at the auction, then you can collect it yourself. In addition to weapons and armor, each hero can use implants that give new abilities. These may be the skills of creating a protective field and night vision. Of course, not all items have the ability to collect yourself. The most valuable items can only be crafted by factions. At the same time, quite often you will need to turn to opponents for useful devices. In this game, a lot is built on human relationships.


In general, the developers managed to create an original hardcore game with an unfriendly character, which is very different from all the same clones. Therefore, if you want new sensations, then it makes sense to try yourself in Face of Mankind.

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