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Face of Mankind game overview

Face of Mankind
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: January 1, 2003
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Duplex Systems
Free to Play

Face of Mankind is a unique MMORPG that breaks away from traditional game mechanics. Unlike most MMORPGs, it lacks the conventional elements of leveling up, NPCs, and monsters. Instead, it offers a single protagonist and an expansive world divided among several factions, constantly at war. This game, developed by Duplex Systems and published by Nexeon Technologies, was released on March 18, 2006. It supports platforms such as PC and Mac, making it accessible to a broad audience. The development of Face of Mankind spanned over four years and was aimed at the hardcore MMORPG market, targeting players who crave player-driven experiences.

As of now, approximately 5,000 players engage with the game daily, with an annual player count of around 1.8 million. Since its release, Face of Mankind has garnered a player base of over 10 million users. The game’s unique approach has earned it a dedicated following, although its complexity can be intimidating for new players.

The plot of the game

The storyline of Face of Mankind unfolds in the twenty-fifth century. Earth's population has skyrocketed, the planet is overburdened with industry, and constant military conflicts have left it exhausted. Consequently, many Earth inhabitants seek refuge on other planets. However, these resource-rich worlds quickly fall prey to criminal factions and industrial magnates. As a result, battles on Earth extend to planets across the galaxy.

Game features

The primary setting of Face of Mankind is a star map featuring thirteen colonial planets named after major Earth cities like Tokyo, New York, and Paris. These colonies are far from being cultural or tourist hubs; instead, they consist of numerous stairs, corridors, and terminals. The game is fundamentally a player-driven MMORPG, meaning most events depend on the players themselves. Traditional quests and events are absent; players must create their own adventures. This aspect can be challenging for newcomers, who might struggle without guidance or an intuitive world to explore. Attempting to learn the game by observing other players can be risky, as it often results in unexpected death and loss of character belongings.

In Face of Mankind, death is a significant setback. Players not only lose their possessions but also risk losing their primary character. To avoid this, players must purchase new clones, which come at a cost. Investing in high-quality armor, hiring bodyguards, and securing safe housing are wise choices to ensure survival.


Face of Mankind features eight factions that operate independently, allowing players to break laws and ignore rules. The game world is rife with betrayal and corruption across all thirteen colonies. For instance, the planet Pegasi was overtaken by terrorist groups using two fighter squads, adding authenticity and appeal to players.

Each faction in Face of Mankind has various departments. For example, the LED faction includes a police academy, a prison, and SWAT units. Engaging in illegal activities like smuggling or indiscriminate shooting can land players in prison, where they must perform community service or attempt to escape. Despite such stringent laws, the game world remains perilous, with the constant threat of sudden attacks from unknown assailants. As players progress, they learn to differentiate between allies and enemies.

Character Development

Face of Mankind replaces traditional leveling with a title system earned through organizational activities. Higher ranks provide more opportunities, starting with simple tasks and eventually allowing players to assign tasks to newcomers and influence their ranks.

Weapons and equipment

Weapons and equipment are obtained through specialized terminals. Players with ample funds can purchase items at auctions or craft them if unavailable. Heroes can also use implants that grant abilities like creating protective fields or night vision. However, the most valuable items can only be crafted by factions, often requiring collaboration with opponents. The game heavily emphasizes human relationships.


Overall, the developers have crafted an original, hardcore game with a distinctive character, setting it apart from typical MMORPG clones. For those seeking new experiences, Face of Mankind is worth exploring.


Face of Mankind is a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG genre, offering a player-driven experience that challenges conventional gameplay. The game's intricate faction system and lack of traditional quests and levels create a unique and immersive environment. However, this complexity can be a double-edged sword, making it difficult for new players to adapt. The unforgiving nature of death and the steep learning curve may deter some, but for those who persevere, the game offers unparalleled freedom and depth.

While the game's graphics and interface may seem outdated by today's standards, its innovative mechanics and community-driven events make up for these shortcomings. Face of Mankind excels in providing a sandbox environment where player actions significantly impact the game world.

Overall, we rate Face of Mankind a 55 out of 100. It has a dedicated player base and offers a unique experience, but its complexity and dated visuals hold it back from achieving higher acclaim.


What platforms is Face of Mankind available on?

Face of Mankind is available on PC and Mac.

When was Face of Mankind released?

The game was released on March 18, 2006.

How many players does Face of Mankind have?

The game has approximately 5,000 daily players, around 1.8 million annual players, and over 10 million total players since its release.

Game information last update: 29.02.2024

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