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Fairy Land 2 Online
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Review of the game FairyLand 2 Online

Fans of Japanese animation and anime are advised to move closer to the screens, as this game was created especially for you. Asian "workers" of gambling have created their product under the name of FairyLand 2 Online in the genre of turn-based role-playing strategy with a lot of amazing little things that will be close to your heart. In the toy, you will find a well-thought-out character editor and its characteristics, a lot of unique things, hand-drawn and fully animated graphics, as well as funny pets that are not always friendly. Especially when it comes to an evil enemy that attacks their master. That is, you.

As always, a little about the gameplay

It is important to say a few words about the turn-based combat system. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary in it, but after half an hour in this world, you will understand that the developers have spent a lot of effort to balance the gameplay, hone the strategy and tactics of combat. In general, they did a great job.

Speaking of pets in the game, it is worth pointing out their number of 480 animals. A crazy figure, which definitely became a new record in games of this genre. Moreover, the “beast” in the game can not only fight, but also bring a lot of things from caches and bases. Pleasant little things in the game include quizzes with eye-pleasing prizes, side quests, tests, and more. If you want to find games similar to this, then visit MMOTOP.ORG, the best site for online games.

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