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Fallen Earth game overview

Fallen Earth
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: September 28, 2009
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Icarus Studios
Free to Play

Do you no longer have an "appetite" for the topic of the post-apocalypse? Your aphrodisiac is here on MMOTOP.ORG. Its name is Fallout 3. Yes, believe me, as soon as you immerse yourself in this world, today will be the 15th, and you will end your session on the 19th. Brave raiders. And if you have not gotten off the needle of games in this topic, then you are back in fashion!

Why we forgot the face of the post-apocalypse

Today, the game market is oversaturated with the topic of post-apocalypse, and the fact is that games are created incredibly of the same type, ridiculously repeating each other without a drop of innovation and individualization. Therefore, many of these games have become entirely uninteresting. But, Fallout 3 will make you forget your painful experience and, again, for the first time, get untold pleasure and surprise from the proposed concept of the game and its forms.

The plot of the game

By the way, what everyone dreamed about happened, the game flowed into the virtual space of the Internet and became online. The world created for gamers has shifted to the US map. After the tragedy of the Earth occurred, the Grand Canyon remained whole. However, this is not a heavenly place where earthlings found salvation. Here, threats await everywhere. Everything is covered with chaos and darkness, pain and cruelty.

Heroes of the game and content

All problems contain all those monsters who want and crave only one holiday - blood, blood, blood. They will kill you or try to do it. Mutants, marauders, bandits, and other wickedness that make up the game's core will be called to a duel. You will have to fight often and for a long time. The player's arsenal this time contains bits, aerosols - tear out the eye, pitchforks, and very ordinary and conceivable weapons and means of defense. It just won't work to defeat them because, often, these are the same people, fans, and fanatics of games as you are. Therefore, the battle strategy will be powerful, insidious, and interesting, not standard.

Player methods in the fight for victory

By the way, who said it is necessary to fight without fail? No, of course, chatting someone up is not possible. However, there is always a chance to make legs. And here, the game is fully revealed. Just walking along the lanes, you can find different parts of the same object, for example, a motorcycle, on which you can give speeds. And these very searches are part of small exciting adventures. However, doing only this, avoiding fights, will not work. After all, collecting various items from details found in the most mysterious places or just under a bush lasts a very long time. And during this time, you can be killed and forced out of the game. But do not think that Fallen Earth consists of fights and walkers.

Who am I?

After the murders, another eternity opens in the first global location, and an incredible story begins. But first, you will need to make a difficult choice, which is also the most delicious part of the game - six factions. You will need to choose and join one of them. And by the way, everything is like in life. Various ideological groups await you. It can be like the defenders of everything green, that is, nature, or another front - Gopnik, real clear boys who are responsible or not for their market. Greenpeace in the game has been renamed to Vistas. And those who represent the estate of merchants and managers in this game are called Travelers. However, they boringly and transparently renamed the nerd's Techs. In short, everything is like in life; you can join a coalition close to you in spirit, and vice versa, test yourself in a completely new role.

The evening raves with a mystery

However, get together with the spirit of a samurai, and pull yourself together. No one will give you time to adapt. As soon as you enter the grouping, all the maps and secrets of the world will begin to open to you. For example, fights are allowed only in strictly designated areas. But still, the authors made the main emphasis not on the battles, although they are not devoid of entertainment, but on the path, their own, unique, unique, single. You will have to uncover secrets, secrets alone, change the universe, secretly infiltrate different gangs, and act as a rescuer of various strange types.

Game information last update: 19.04.2024

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