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Review of the game Fantasy Tennis

The game Fantasy Tennis is a kind of tennis simulator, although in fact there is no special simulation here. To a greater extent, this is an arcade game where funny anime characters act as your rivals on the court. These are funny and pleasant-looking boys and girls with big heads who run around the court with pleasure and swing toy rackets. At the same time, the entire gameplay is accompanied by funny jokes and jokes.


The game Fantasy Tennis does not require any financial investments, therefore, all the main achievements here are available only at the expense of play money. This money can be obtained after winning duels. In addition, money can be earned through fishing, as well as through collecting palms and fruits from trees. In Fantasy Tennis you will find not only tennis competitions, but also a variety of other tennis accessories, sports equipment and various outfits.

Game world

Game courts are located in various picturesque places, among which there are beautiful tropical forests, decks of ocean ships and even the tops of volcanoes. All this beautiful variety of developers successfully supplemented with a pleasant and very suitable musical accompaniment.


In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, Fantasy Tennis is an easy and fun game that does not require too much effort and attention from you. In general, it is most suitable for children.

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