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Fantasy Westward Journey 3D is a 3D mobile game for iOS and Android developed by the Chinese company NetEase based on the Fantasy Westward Journey series. The project offers players a cartoon-like design with graphics that are recognized as one of the best in smartphone games, thanks to the Messiah engine. In addition, the game has a plot with cutscenes and various twists and turns, where, for example, you need to run away from buildings that are gradually being destroyed, and so on.

Among the features of the game, developers also highlight the smart artificial intelligence of everything that surrounds the user. These are birds, fish, fairy-tale monsters and NPCs that have emotions like anger, joy, sadness, which randomly appear in dialogues. So, for example, a dialog where the user chooses a joke could allow the user to befriend an NPC so that they can then have lunch/fly on the cloud together and learn more of the story.

There is also the ability to destroy scenes (destroy buildings, etc.), transform into various creatures like birds and fish, and then explore the world of 38 million square kilometers in this way. The weather changes in the game, there are filters like in Black Desert and a screenshot mode.

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