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Review of the game Fantasium

The Fantasium project was named so for a reason, as this name best describes its essence. The game was created by the Korean company MaxOn Soft Corp, for which its developers used all their imagination, which is unusual for more serious projects. The unique appearance of the characters can take out the remnants of the mind even for fairly experienced gamers. Therefore, this game can entice you for long days and even months.


In the game you will see various mechanical ducks, aggressive umbrellas, clockwork crabs, and many other crazy heroes. It is this online project that strikes the imagination of immature gamers. Already at the stage of creating your character, you will encounter complete chaos in the form of a variety of different hairstyles, face shapes, objects and huge anime-style eyes. After you pass the dressing stage, the hero you created will enter the mysterious settlement of Alpeon. Here you will be taught the basics of the game, and this will be done by the anime Cutie Minopio.

Game Features

In general, the Fantasium game has a fairly simple interface that even a child can understand. However, this game is designed specifically for juvenile gamers. Of course, adults can also enjoy the game. However, a lot of clues, a peaceful atmosphere and bright colors testify to a pronounced children's orientation here. All this clearly shows that this project is designed specifically for fragile children's minds. This is also evidenced by the graphic design of the game with a general lyrical atmosphere.

The rest of the elements of the game look quite typical for games of this genre. It has all the basic elements of a typical MMO, such as quests, character development, and a clan system. However, the game has its own characteristics, which should be discussed in more detail. One of the main features is the principle of friendship. Thanks to this principle of friendship, you will receive more experience points while completing tasks with your partner. But that's not all - after leaving the online mode, you can still earn experience points if your partner continues to swing. At the same time, breaking such a friendship is not so easy. Only one character in the game can do this - Girlfriend Cave, who in this case is a kind of registry office worker. Therefore, it is advisable for you to approach the choice of a satellite with all responsibility.

Distribution system

The project features a shareware distribution model. Therefore, you can download Fantasium to your computer absolutely free of charge. The main audience here are children who do not yet know such concepts as grind, cheats, exping, and so on. Therefore, any adult gamer who gets into this game world will be able to feel at his best. In addition, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, it is very important that such a project left players with a choice between serious worlds with many negative characters and the world of Fantasium, which is completely opposite in mood. Here you will feel the lyrical atmosphere that will bring something good and eternal into our world.

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