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The Far Reaches is another next generation game created in today's popular sandbox style. At the same time, only one specialist worked on the project. In his ambitious opinion, the game is a true simulation of the universe. He came up with a recipe for how to make a real virtual universe using only 60 thousand dollars. It is this amount that is requested by the author of the project Samuel Ruggieri on Kickstarter. This recipe is a combination of a minimum of graphic studies and a maximum of free action.

Game features

The possibilities of The Far Reaches are really huge. Here you can craft anything from anything. You can even build your own settlements, changing the space around you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make your hero a real jack of all trades. According to the MMOTOP.ORG site, the main feature of the game lies in the author's unusual attitude towards NPCs. In The Far Reaches, these characters do not just issue a quest and become silent, but live their virtual lives, going about their daily activities, erecting new buildings, creating goods for sale, and so on. They may even be involved in emotional relationships with the player characters.

The Far Reaches can even offer a PvP mode, which is characterized by mass character and complete freedom of action. The battles in this game can significantly change the world. There are practically no instances in the game, as well as such banal things as levels, classes, and so on. Thus, at a preliminary examination, the game looks good, however, due to the low activity of bakers, The Far Reaches may not be released in the near future.

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