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FAR7 is a free multiplayer browser action game with the ability to surf the universe. The development was carried out by only one person - Egor Kuryanovich, so you should not count on serious gameplay, but there are many other interesting features.

The first and probably the main one is a beautiful game world and nice graphics. The styling is reminiscent of the classic Space Rangers just grown up, so many may feel a sense of nostalgia. Secondly, everything that happens in the project is somehow connected with the users themselves. For example, having come across a lifeless planet, you can soon find it crowded with orbiting satellites, destroying everyone who comes closer than 10,000 km; players can attack star systems; send caravans between galaxies and much more.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the content content: there are quite a few planets, as well as spaceships with their improvement modules, only two factions (Federation and Empire), weak crafting and monotonous missions.

In general, given that it was all created by one person, the disadvantages can be forgiven, especially since regular patches and updates are released for the game, and it is available on any device through a browser.

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