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Fasaria World Online
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Overview of Fasaria World Online

Fasaria World Online is a sci-fi online strategy game with RPG elements. The project was developed by NSE Studios and was originally planned only for the browser platform, but later it was still able to go to Steam and get a client.

In Fasaria, you can try yourself in the role of the head of the colony, where you need to manage various buildings, develop them, and also expand territories due to wars with neighbors. It is recommended to fight before joining the guild, so that in the future, to give a worthy rebuff to dozens of players who are also members of the clan. At the same time, in addition to the construction and development of the colony, in the brainchild of NSE, you can upgrade the main character - these are RPG elements.

It is worth noting that the project is by no means free, as it might seem at first glance, and its cost is about $2. In general, this fact in theory suggests limiting the influence of the "wallet" of users on the gameplay. However, as practice shows, the in-game store is present here and even develops! The big "VIP Shop" button gently hints that you can get an advantage over other players for real money. So if it were not for this huge minus, perhaps the project would have had more popularity.

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